2020 Exchange cancelled

2020 Exchange has been cancelled

Dear BLR Society members

By now those of you who were expecting to host your Beaumontais family will have heard from Laura that they will not be coming. I have been in touch with their president Jacky Pillais and we are both agreed that we had no alternative but to postpone the visit. I have said that we will still host the next visit, either this September if a convenient date can be agreed or more likely next May when we would normally have been going to Beaumont. They are asking their membership which of these options they would prefer, and we need to formulate our views on this as well. Please let me or any committee member know which of these you would prefer.
We are fortunate that we have incurred no expenditure in cancelling the visit.
Clearly we won’t be holding any meetings or social events for the foreseeable future. We have a slot for Town Hall Teas on Sunday 21st August so hopefully things will be back to something like normal by then.

In the meantime please keep safe and well

With best wishes
Martin  20/3/20